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A weekly show about video games (and occasionally about other nerdy things). Join us over on Twitch and in the Twitch Desktop app to hang out: https://www.twitch.tv/orbitalshow and https://app.twitch.tv/servers/Bb89Xr

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    A DS by Every Other Name

    This week Graham and Cody discuss why Nintendo can't seem to stop making all those damned 3DSs

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    E3 2017 Recap

    This episode Graham and Cody recap what all happened at E3 and answer the all important question: who won E3?

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    This episode Graham and Cody recap all of the announcements from WWDC2017 and give their E3 2017 wishlists

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    Fan Theories R Us

    This episode Graham and Cody discuss their favorite fan theories from various universes

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    Free to play, pay to win

    This episode Graham and Cody dive into the world of collectible card games and see if digital ones are a bit more like their physical counterparts than you might think

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